Music influenced by European tradition

There is too much media for me to process, but I like to have music in the background when I’m working on other things. When I like the emotional tone of the music, I enjoy music in languages that I don’t understand, because I can listen to the words as musical notes without considering a meaning.

Icelandic, for example, is a language I will probably never understand – but I enjoy listening to Icelandic music. Some of the songs at the link are in English, some are not.

Advertisements advocates Latin!
has some lovely links to Latin and Greek, including an essay by one of my favorite writers, Hillaire Belloc.

OORP3-Why Women Love Dressing Up As Elves

Matt Parrott recently wrote:

one more round of hot cosplay pix on your blog and I’ll renounce White Nationalism altogether in favor of Elvish Nationalism.

Wow. The Elusive Wapiti was right: women really are the center of gravity for revolutions!

Let it be noted that the elvish look is extremely popular with young women. Young women will often go to great trouble and expense to dress up in revealing elf costumes and display themselves before crowds of photographers. All human beings love positive attention, but girls of marriageable age are particularly addicted to it.

Weddings are increasingly unaffordable in the current depression, and cosplay satisfies many of the same cravings as a bride-centered wedding party. Some weddings are even conducted in costume.

Let’s take a moment and survey how many weddings are conducted with fairy-tale themes!

Conceptualized by event designer Tricia Fountaine and photographed by Elizabeth Messina, A Royal Faeirie and Elf Wedding photoshoot is every little girl’s fairytale fantasy realized. Set in an enchanted forest, every aspect of this shoot is outstanding: the dresses, head pieces, decor, makeup,


… So perfectly dreamy.

Wait … owls? Those vicious, carnivorous hunting birds who fly silently, see in the dark, and can rip a man’s hand off? Little girls dream about having owls as guests at their weddings?

Well, they couldn’t possibly be crazy enough to actually have one of those vicious, bloodthirsty predators on their wrists, right?

For God’s sake, man, that’s a blood-drinking predator THAT CAN FLY? And you’re just looking macho and bored? Have you got nerves of steel or brains of custard?

Well, the groom is wearing antlers, symbolizing fertility. I guess he’s too fertile and virile to feel fear.

And the bride doesn’t need to wear white …

…but the flower girls must have Fairy Wings! Note the pointy ears on the woman in the center.

Lists a variety of mostly traditionally white themes, such as:

-Fairy Tale Princess
– Sherwood Forest
– Scottish
– Camelot
– Celtic
– Shakespeare
– Gypsy
– Elven
– Fairy
– Gothic
– Cavalier
– Pirate
– Viking

Okay, the “Gypsy” one doesn’t count as traditionally White, but the Elves, Fairies, and Fairy Tale Princesses indicate that the White Center Of Gravity (i.e. White Women) are willing to devote considerable resources to myth.

There are real, live people who get married like this. Think about how much money a fancy wedding costs. These people are spending that much money to look like ELVES.

Why is this White? Recall that Evola said that aristocrats are always looking upward. Well, these married elves are looking upward too. Clearly they’ve been reading Evola. And Tolkien.

Now, the elvish look doesn’t require a lot of preparation if you’re just going to stand there.

If you’re just going to stand there and let everyone admire your finely chiseled cheeks and lustrous, flowing hair, lots of people can do the elf look.

But, as with anything else in life, the problems become evident as soon as one translates the idea into action. Helpful hint #1: Make sure your hair is serious elfin hair. Elves should never look like they have to go to the office on Monday morning. On the positive side, at least the camera angle makes his ear look pointy.

Also, that lunge pose got high praise from his foil-fencing instructor, but somehow he looks too relaxed for a swordfight and too tense for a photo shoot.

But seriously, young elf warrior, if you’re going to do a photo shoot, at least grow out your hair to a Prince-Valiant-style medieval bob.

You know all the ladies were into Prince Valiant.

So how do we start from the idealized elf image and move forward?

Helpful hint #2: Be as emo as you want to be.

Helpful hint #3: Use your natural assets in a natural way.

Helpful hint #4: But avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

Helpful hint #5: If your skin is white, go pre-Raphaelite.

The sheer weight of Celtic Knots and Nordic Runes was enough to make this Des Moines girl’s ears grow a little bit pointier for Saint Patrick’s Day:

So, yes, we won’t have perfectly leaf-shaped ears immediately…

Now, my readers may ask, do I practice what I preach and dress up as an elf? No. For one thing, I’m usually scruffily unshaven, which might convey “forest dweller” in the sense of “unkempt hermit,” but generally does not convey “bodice-ripping elf.” Mostly due to Tolkien’s descriptions, I don’t see too many elves with beards.

Well, okay, maybe that guy can pull it off, but he’s younger and better-groomed than I am. Anyway, normally, when you think “male elf” you think “strongly chiselled, but clean-shaven,” like this fellow:

Or maybe you think of a young, beardless, fairy-tale knight who wears red feathers:

Because those young fellows, they look like they’re ready for Dionysian frolics with nature spirits. Possibly involving bagpipes.

Maybe a man in top physical condition could wear a beard in the style of Freyr, who was called “king of the elves.”

But it might be necessary to keep a giant boar in your vicinity at all times, so that everyone understood the Freyr theme. I can think of less convenient pets.

OORP-2-The Drama Continues!

Operation Offend Reptilian Parrott is back, and more elvish than ever!!

These aren’t just elves – these are sensual, defeatist elves who abandon White Nationalism!

These are elves who don’t just FIGHT, they POSE! Feel the DRAMA!

These are elves who will undermine the white style of your art by using the Japanese style adapted from Walt Disney’s large-eyed cartoons!

These are elves with long, unkempt, Matt-Parrott-annoying hair! See how her hair is all disheveled and tousled? Matt Parrott HATES hair like that!

Their ears are pointy. Their smirks are smirky.

Some of them have pixie-wings. Or possibly fairy-wings. I can’t tell, it’s been too long since I’ve read those books by Andrew Lang.

These are elves who get in touch with their introverted natures by playing wind instruments in forests.

These are elves who know how to frolic.

When these elves get all worn out from frolicking, they have no compunction about sleeping on top of rose bushes. Apparently the thorns are not a problem for them, because they’re elves.

The reptilians will be vanquished. The whites will aspire to elvishness. Progress marches onward.

On the left: white gene pool before Greg Johnson’s eugenics program. On the right: white gene pool after Greg Johnson’s eugenics program.

OORP-The Drama Begins!

I do not read Greg Johnson’s site diligently. Johnson’s posts inevitably require mental effort, and I am often in a lazy mood when I browse the web. It is easier to skim the catchy, topical sound bites of Occidental Dissent than it is to peruse the ponderous parables and preachings of Counter Currents.

But today, when browsing OD, I saw two things that shocked me.
First, Matt Parrott had grotesquely misrepresented Greg Johnson’s argument.
Second, Matt Parrott had made the tremendous mistake of admitting that he was offended on the Internet. (The Internet is so vast that no matter what your standards are, someone, somewhere, will make a hobby of trying to offend you.)

Greg Johnson’s original argument was:

The white nationalist movement, which seeks the salvation of nature’s fairest and most talented race, is less capable of motivating real world activity than Star Trek, a silly but entertaining set of movies and TV shows about multiracial and miscegenating liberals who live in Tupperware, dress in pajamas, and fly around the galaxy preaching high-minded, hypocritical twaddle about tolerance and pluralism and diversity.

Even if we correct for the differences in the size of audiences, Trekkies accomplish more in the real world than an equal number of white nationalists.

With this in mind, ask yourself who is more likely to preserve the white race: (1) the present white nationalist movement, or (2) a group of kooks who, taking Tolkien as their bible, decide that through eugenics, they are going to mold every successive generation of their progeny closer to the archetype of the elves: the fairest and wisest race?

The elves have it. Why? Because, kooky though it may be, creating a race of elves far better captures the imagination and mobilizes human vitality than dark predictions about the rising tide of color.

Now, of course, this gives us pause, because most white people who try to look like elves end up looking like this fellow from Berlin:


Matt Parrott wrote:

Spengler did have a defeatist perspective … You recently wrote an article that speculates on abandoning Whiteness altogether in pursuit of becoming elves. The article at the top of your site right now is on how Christianity’s repression of sexual permissiveness is dysgenic. That’s like a trifecta of offensiveness.
…you really shouldn’t be all that surprised when people who are strategists and tacticians lose patience with your work and become openly cynical about its potential for adding value or resulting in the achievement of discrete quantifiable objectives.

Here was Matt Parrott’s fundamental error: Johnson was arguing that white art depicting white elves tend to energize whites with enthusiasm for whiteness.

Now, I can cut Matt Parrott some slack when he explains that he’s a giant reptilian from outer space. But when he starts disrespecting elves, things get real. Some lines must not be crossed. Nemo me impune lacessit, A Elbereth Gilthoniel silivren penna miriel.

Thus was born Operation Offend Reptilian Parrott, or OORP for short. Its discrete, quantifiable objective is to offend Matt Parrott so much that he vituperates against it in print.
Now, how can I wring the maximum amount of Internet Drama out of this tempest in a chamberpot? What offends Matt Parrott? White-skinned defeatism, pointy-eared elves, and sexual permissiveness. Thus if I can find some sexually flamboyant white people with pointy ears, Matt Parrott will vent a stress-induced rant!

And where would I start? Of course, with the Eastern land where Tartar genes mingle with Mongol genes, Mother Russia! First up, a simple declaration of superiority!

Next up, a pointy-eared defeatist. Are those elf ears?

Okay, this defeatist is hugging a tree. I can assume she’s either a woodland spirit, or perhaps an animal in touch with nature. Wait. Is she an elf or a cat?

Okay, this one is definitely a cat. Her eyes have a perfectly feline hauteur. (Don’t bother reaching for the dictionary. “Hauteur” is just some un-American word for “stuck-up-ness.”) Aren’t you glad I didn’t reach for a pun with “purr” and “perfect”? You should be.

It only gets more Elvish from here on out.

Faye on Archaeo-futurism

once the historical digression of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has finally closed, with egalitarianism’s hallucinations having descended into catastrophe, humanity will return to archaic values, that is, quite simply, to biological and human (anthropological) values: distinctive sexual roles; the transmission of ethnic and popular traditions; spirituality and sacerdotal organization; visible and supervisory social hierarchies; the worship of ancestors; initiatory rites and tests; the reconstruction of organic communities that extend from the individual family unit to the overarching national community of the people; the deindividualization of marriage to involve the community as much as the couple; the end of the confusion of eroticism and conjugality; the prestige of the warrior caste; social inequality, not implicit, which is unjust and frustrating, as in today’s egalitarian utopias, but explicit and ideologically justifiable; a proportioned balance of duties and rights; a rigorous justice whose dictates are applied strictly to acts and not to individual men, which will encourage a sense of responsibility in the latter; a definition of the people and of any constituted social body as a diachronic community of shared destiny, not as a synchronic mass of individual atoms, etc.
In short, future centuries, in the great pendulum movement of history that Nietzsche called “the eternal recurrence of the same,” will in some way revisit these archaic values. The problem for us, for Europeans, is not, through our cowardice, to allow Islam to impose them on us, a process which is surreptitiously occurring, but to reimpose them on ourselves, while drawing upon our historical memory.
Recently, an important French press baron — whom I cannot name, but known for his left-liberal sympathies — made to me, in essence, the following disillusioned remark: “Free-market economic values are gradually losing out to Islamic values, because they are exclusively based on individual economic profit, which is inhuman and ephemeral.” Our task is to ensure that the inevitable return to reality is not imposed upon us by Islam.

Yesterday and Today: The Two Babylons and the Rulers of Evil versus today’s campaign contributions

There is a huge amount of background information that needs to be processed in order to understand the politics of the modern world.

Some books, such as The Two Babylons, are available online for free.

Other works, such as Saussy’s Rulers of Evil, are a little bit harder to track down, but I am working on that.

I tip my hat to Brandon at for the historical titles.

The flip side is that some very modern information is highly relevant, such as the details of campaign contributions.