This blog is about a war on European-related Ethnic Genetic Interests that was started by Cultural Marxism. Gramsci started “a long march through the institutions,” and as of 2010, the institutions of the West have been dominated by Cultural Marxism for decades. Various Westerners, from Henry Ford to Father Coughlin to Charles Lindbergh, did their best to resist Cultural Marxism. The struggle is not new. As of 7 July, 2010, it appears that profound shifts in global power structures may occur in less than ten years, and this blog has shifted its focus to forecasting.

Greg Johnson strongly influenced my view of this cultural struggle when he asked: “Is Racial Purism Decadent?” His essay is available at:

and at


Most importantly, a vital white nationalist movement should require its leaders to lead by example, by marrying wisely and fruitfully. No, the movement should not and cannot turn away talented people who have the misfortune of being unwilling or unable to reproduce. But the movement should definitely have a hierarchy, and anyone who wants to rise to the top needs to do more than talk about a future for white children. He needs to contribute white children to the future.

I will go farther than that: if one does not produce children, one is alienated from one’s genetic identity, whether one’s genes are white, black, or any other sort.

Matt Parrott has recently written:

many of the people in the movement are historical hobbyists, autistic types who understand the situation in purely statistical and factual terms, and obsessive “haters” who really have it out for non-Whites for whatever personal reason. People who are in this due to a genuine spirit of stewardship toward their White American countrymen don’t exhibit the sort of pathological behavior you describe.

As the movement gathers momentum, those people will gradually disappear. The historical hobbyists will lose interest as we fail to remain true to their fantasy quests. The autistic types will move on to different heretical facts. The haters will define our failure to be hateful as weakness…

I don’t see myself as a leader in the struggle to promote white Ethnic Genetic Interests – in fact, I suspect most self-identified “white nationalists” would take pains to exclude me as autistic or delusional or both. Thus I am merely observing the struggle and trying to understand it.


Most posts on this blog link to news stories about current events and attempts to forecast plausible near-future scenarios.

For more than ten years, my first stop for news has been http://www.rense.com/.

Although I talk about politics, I do not plan to use this blog to marshall political efforts. Americans with an interest in politics can check out http://www.occidentaldissent.com/, where Andrew Yeoman, Robert Campbell, H. Rock White, Matt Parrott, and Hunter Wallace are quite political. Anyone with an interest in the technical aspects of 21st century political struggles can visit http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/ and learn about “the emerging bazaar of violence.” Students of white culture would probably be more interested in Greg Johnson’s http://www.counter-currents.com.

H. Rock White has written:

Don’t consign yourself to a lifetime of irrelevant posturing. Find something to do which will appeal to whites beyond ‘the scene’. Work on building local communities. Find ways to improve your own life. Engage in productive activism which carries good messages to whites who might otherwise be unaware.

My local community has very few opportunities for relevant activism. If I were a parent, I’d be concerned with how to win back the West as a homeland for my children. I am childless, thus I am not leading my community by example. At present, I doubt that this blog renders much of a service to any community. I hope that this blog will attract some readers and encourage them to think for themselves. As it stands, it will probably be dismissed as irrelevant, autistic, pedantic posturing. I can only shrug my shoulders to such accusations – if I am indeed autistic, there is no cure for autism!


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  1. Brandon says:

    I’ve been reading over your site and find it very interesting. I would not have found you if you hadn’t found me and corrected my address thingie. Thanks much. I particularly found your Jefferson and Gandhi quotes interesting. Yes every race is indeed special in the eyes of the One who made them, but their mixing is a nono…

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