OORP-2-The Drama Continues!

Operation Offend Reptilian Parrott is back, and more elvish than ever!!

These aren’t just elves – these are sensual, defeatist elves who abandon White Nationalism!

These are elves who don’t just FIGHT, they POSE! Feel the DRAMA!

These are elves who will undermine the white style of your art by using the Japanese style adapted from Walt Disney’s large-eyed cartoons!

These are elves with long, unkempt, Matt-Parrott-annoying hair! See how her hair is all disheveled and tousled? Matt Parrott HATES hair like that!

Their ears are pointy. Their smirks are smirky.

Some of them have pixie-wings. Or possibly fairy-wings. I can’t tell, it’s been too long since I’ve read those books by Andrew Lang.

These are elves who get in touch with their introverted natures by playing wind instruments in forests.

These are elves who know how to frolic.

When these elves get all worn out from frolicking, they have no compunction about sleeping on top of rose bushes. Apparently the thorns are not a problem for them, because they’re elves.

The reptilians will be vanquished. The whites will aspire to elvishness. Progress marches onward.

On the left: white gene pool before Greg Johnson’s eugenics program. On the right: white gene pool after Greg Johnson’s eugenics program.


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