Forecast: the children are the future, unless we stop them now

Those to whom evil is done,
do evil in return.

Children of War

… On July 15, we will present the findings of these interviews… in a testimony before the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva.

On that day, the Colombian government will be defending its record before the Committee. MADRE will be there to set the record straight: the government is deeply entwined with the illegal militias that exploit children as combatants. Since 2006, more than 60 Colombian congressmen have been investigated for links to paramilitary groups; about half have been indicted.
… But ultimately, it may be the government of the United States that has the most leverage in ending this atrocity.

That’s because the US is footing the bill for Colombia’s long war. Over the past 15 years, as Colombia has become the staunchest of US allies in the hemisphere, the US has poured billions in military aid, weapons and training into the country, thereby fueling a conflict in which all sides exploit children as soldiers.

Some of these “soldiers” are as young as eight years old, their childhood and humanity destroyed in a war that is largely financed by US taxpayers. …

Yifat Susskind is Policy and Communications Director for MADRE.

In fairness, not every child in Colombia is a sexually-traumatized child soldier. Note that the girl in the story started hanging out on the streets because she didn’t like her stepfather.

Can abused children grow into healthy adults? It’s not impossible, but it’s not likely.

The modern age has liberated humanity from social bonds. This works well, so long as an expensive welfare-warfare state is available to act as Big Brother to everyone. When Big Brother fails to guard the children, they will be recruited for tasks that will destroy their possibilities for healthy, normal development.

Patriarchy is a proven technology. It is, perhaps, not elegant, but it can allow communities to generate enough viable offspring to ensure community survival.

I don’t predict an apocalyptic, Mad-Max world where 99% of the population runs around wearing leather rags and fighting with clubs. However, as a long-term trend, I would expect patriarchal communities to have better social stability and reproduction rates than sexually liberated communities.

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