OORP-The Drama Begins!

I do not read Greg Johnson’s site diligently. Johnson’s posts inevitably require mental effort, and I am often in a lazy mood when I browse the web. It is easier to skim the catchy, topical sound bites of Occidental Dissent than it is to peruse the ponderous parables and preachings of Counter Currents.

But today, when browsing OD, I saw two things that shocked me.
First, Matt Parrott had grotesquely misrepresented Greg Johnson’s argument.
Second, Matt Parrott had made the tremendous mistake of admitting that he was offended on the Internet. (The Internet is so vast that no matter what your standards are, someone, somewhere, will make a hobby of trying to offend you.)

Greg Johnson’s original argument was:

The white nationalist movement, which seeks the salvation of nature’s fairest and most talented race, is less capable of motivating real world activity than Star Trek, a silly but entertaining set of movies and TV shows about multiracial and miscegenating liberals who live in Tupperware, dress in pajamas, and fly around the galaxy preaching high-minded, hypocritical twaddle about tolerance and pluralism and diversity.

Even if we correct for the differences in the size of audiences, Trekkies accomplish more in the real world than an equal number of white nationalists.

With this in mind, ask yourself who is more likely to preserve the white race: (1) the present white nationalist movement, or (2) a group of kooks who, taking Tolkien as their bible, decide that through eugenics, they are going to mold every successive generation of their progeny closer to the archetype of the elves: the fairest and wisest race?

The elves have it. Why? Because, kooky though it may be, creating a race of elves far better captures the imagination and mobilizes human vitality than dark predictions about the rising tide of color.

Now, of course, this gives us pause, because most white people who try to look like elves end up looking like this fellow from Berlin:


Matt Parrott wrote:

Spengler did have a defeatist perspective … You recently wrote an article that speculates on abandoning Whiteness altogether in pursuit of becoming elves. The article at the top of your site right now is on how Christianity’s repression of sexual permissiveness is dysgenic. That’s like a trifecta of offensiveness.
…you really shouldn’t be all that surprised when people who are strategists and tacticians lose patience with your work and become openly cynical about its potential for adding value or resulting in the achievement of discrete quantifiable objectives.

Here was Matt Parrott’s fundamental error: Johnson was arguing that white art depicting white elves tend to energize whites with enthusiasm for whiteness.

Now, I can cut Matt Parrott some slack when he explains that he’s a giant reptilian from outer space. But when he starts disrespecting elves, things get real. Some lines must not be crossed. Nemo me impune lacessit, A Elbereth Gilthoniel silivren penna miriel.

Thus was born Operation Offend Reptilian Parrott, or OORP for short. Its discrete, quantifiable objective is to offend Matt Parrott so much that he vituperates against it in print.
Now, how can I wring the maximum amount of Internet Drama out of this tempest in a chamberpot? What offends Matt Parrott? White-skinned defeatism, pointy-eared elves, and sexual permissiveness. Thus if I can find some sexually flamboyant white people with pointy ears, Matt Parrott will vent a stress-induced rant!

And where would I start? Of course, with the Eastern land where Tartar genes mingle with Mongol genes, Mother Russia! First up, a simple declaration of superiority!

Next up, a pointy-eared defeatist. Are those elf ears?

Okay, this defeatist is hugging a tree. I can assume she’s either a woodland spirit, or perhaps an animal in touch with nature. Wait. Is she an elf or a cat?

Okay, this one is definitely a cat. Her eyes have a perfectly feline hauteur. (Don’t bother reaching for the dictionary. “Hauteur” is just some un-American word for “stuck-up-ness.”) Aren’t you glad I didn’t reach for a pun with “purr” and “perfect”? You should be.

It only gets more Elvish from here on out.

2 Responses to OORP-The Drama Begins!

  1. Matt Parrott says:

    If I can be assured the elves will look like that, I’m on board.

    I wasn’t actually offended by the offensiveness trifecta. My biggest peeve is when gamers start raving about how all our women are a bunch of whores. Do these assholes not have moms? If they do, those moms ought to kick those ungrateful pick-up artists out of her basement. Ferdinand Bardamu of InMalaFide has the crown right now for having trolled me the hardest.

  2. The pick-up artists are obnoxious, indeed. I enjoyed your photograph of Ferdinand at


    I fear that they have a point, however. White women are amazingly promiscuous, compared to how they were a few short decades ago.


    About 16 percent of Americans between the ages of 14 and 49 are infected with genital herpes, making it one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, U.S. health officials said on Tuesday.

    Black women had the highest rate of infection at 48 percent and women were nearly twice likely as men to be infected, according to an analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    At the moment, we must be grateful that whites at least are not the worst population in terms of venereal disease.

    The question is how young, fertile whites can be persuaded to dedicate their lives to rearing white children. If elves, vampires, or anime lead to a net gain in white fertility, I’ll sing their praises.

    What the whites need is a “restoration,” as you put it:

    The patriarch, by contrast, embodies restoration, faithfulness, and fertility while being more dominant than the contemporary alpha parasite could ever pretend to be. Women, even scores of women, submit to him with absolute devotion, in far more ways than mere fornication.

    When the restoration comes, the patriarchs will put a stop to the “game” subculture by offering women an alternative which is both instinctively and practically preferable. Our women, our single most important possessions, will be returned to their natural and respected role. The alpha male game geeks will find less and less desirable prey…

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