Internet enemies are not meatspace enemies

Greg Johnson wrote:
Does anyone reading this have any idea why Hunter Wallace is pretending to be this dumb and is attacking me and the “European idears” that interest me?

I suspect Hunter Wallace’s priority right now is practical, boots-on-the-ground action. His goals do not involve intellectualism. Thus he will act effectively if he purges his own character of any residual attachment to intellectual distractions.

I suspect Greg Johnson’s action goals right now are more like pen-to-the-paper, or chalk-to-the-blackboard, but not boots-on-the-ground. Intellectual action is still a kind of action, but don’t try telling that to someone who wants boots-on-the-ground.

I also suspect that Hunter Wallace will gather followers most effectively if he presents a public face that is determined, concentrated, and focussed. If Hunter Wallace derides Greg Johnson right now, there is a considerable chance that Hunter will gather action-oriented followers who will not get distracted by ideas.

The Internet can make friendships suitable for Internet interaction. If you need someone to play World Of Warcraft with, or if you need to exchange jpgs of kittens playing with yarn on a bulletin board, Internet correspondents are the best sort of friend.

If you need friends in your life, you need meatspace friends.

If you need loyal subordinates to undertake important tasks, you need people who have earned your trust – they don’t have to be personal friends. For example, when I want to research an issue in clinical medicine, I need a competent medical doctor – not a personal friend, not a meatspace friend.

Internet friends are not meatspace friends. Likewise, Internet enemies are not meatspace enemies.


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