Twelve Specific, Falsifiable Predictions for 2010 and 2011

It is very easy and safe to talk about what “might” happen. When one gets overtaken by events, one can always defend one’s claim by reminding the reader it was stated as a possibility, not a certainty.

John Kaminski passes along some predictions. Perhaps they were intended as possibilities, but Kaminski seems to be stating them as certainties, so I will hold Kaminski to these predictions. (If they come true, the world will be such a shambles that there might be no way to reward Kaminski, however.)

1. Hints of the growth of the radioactive context are connected to the impending Israeli attack on Iran. Some of these associations indicate a “glazed” (radioactive) “sheet” over the four major cities in Israel.

So if Israel hasn’t been nuked into a glazed sheet by the end of 2011, this will have proven false.

2. a ‘crescendo period’” from the oil volcano will begin in early August and produce significant negative effects and personal agony for those who live near the Gulf of Mexico. 

“The accrual patterns” (of the data) “continue to point to an earthquake” (no more than 19 months away) that will finally stop the flow of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. 

“In the meantime of flowing and blowing oil, the Terra entity data indicates other volcanoes and earthquakes, causing drinking water problems everywhere before a mainstream news blackout on this information is invoked in September. 

But because of great earthquakes in the summer and fall of 2010, the public won’t stand for the blackout.

Verification that of earthquake involvement in the final stoppage will require a geologist. No doubt many geologists will be eager to comment when the oil finally does stop.

3. … also predicts revenge assassinations by “unbalanced persons” will begin in September, aimed at those who are thought to be murdering the Earth. 

If no assassinations are reported by October, this can probably be regarded as false. I suppose a news blackout might work for a while, but I suspect the news would leak.

4. Some 1.289+ billion people will perish as a direct result of the ill winds and the oil volcano, the Alta report states. 

One aspect of these “ill winds” is that “in at least one instance they will be so dense and heavy” that they will create a lake of death air at the base of a mountain range. “This lake of death air has a major highway that comes over mountains and descends into an area currently lush with plants. All plant and animal life of this region will also die, along with many humans who will either be trapped in the lake of death air or will unwittingly travel into it. Further the data show the heavy death air is so toxic that even worms will perish under it. This is but a single instance of thousands of detail layers about the ill winds and their effects on the planet.” 

“The ill winds sub sets and their cross links continue to build support for a huge diaspora crossing great river systems and fleeing north within the continental USA.” The data sets within the Populace/USofA entity show that the diaspora will be chaotic, and many tens of thousands will die in the process. These ill winds will grow considerably through the “torment of August, and then get a spike of new growth that nearly doubles the emotional sums of the diaspora sub set in mid October.” 

By August, High writes, everyone will be focused on the poisoning of the air rather than the oil in the water, as is the case at the time of this writing.

If, by the start of September, there have been no reports of ultra-lethal gas clouds, this will have proven false.

5. Sinkholes also figure prominently in the Alta report’s calculations, which focus on a very large commercial public building that will disappear in a heartbeat, with a devastating quickness that panics the populace into abandoning the whole city. 

In addition, the national infrastructure will be significantly affected. The sudden appearance of large holes in many parts of the world will destroy the connections that enable the Internet and television to work. The Alta report also predicts the West Coast of the U.S., and Central Asia (the ‘stans’ and western China) will be especially hard hit by “damaging temblors” and also unprecedented “strange wave form earthquakes.” 

High writes, “These strange wave form earthquakes are described in language that does make them seem quite bizarre in that the details suggest a slow moving waves” will last for days, leaving visible traces in hard ground, roadways and stone. 

This should be easy to falsify or verify.

6. the reaction of the populace both personally and en masse to the cessation of the big lie, and the exposure to facts is noted as being so severe that suicides and murders will result. 

This one might be tough to verify unless the suicide notes specifically mention the end of the big lie.

7. a “long night of the soul” during the first 12 days of August, as well as a “bad summer”, illness and loss of the money in the fall, all leading to “a November tipping point.” 

There are data sets around “the 12 days of torment” in early August indicating that the “Israeli mistake will ratchet up militarily” over late July and through August. July 26 seems to be the starting point. 

This is supposed to start in just nine days. While the prediction is vague, the time slot from 26 July to 12 August is tightly defined. Anything that ties the first twelve days of August together would be a confirmation, but its hard to imagine a news story about a “night of the soul” that lasts for twelve continuous days. Israel is always ratcheting up the tension, so that alone would not confirm.

8. “The huge levels of growth for the [massive unemployment wave] within the populace of the U.S. over the summer are pointing toward the early August period as being very key to the subsequent developments within this meme as well as the tipping point of November. The idea coming across is that the currency woes of July will build to a crisis point of insurmountable proportions by August 1, and that the crushing economic reality will come shining through for all to see.

1 August 2010 is a Sunday, so any crisis on that Sunday should be obvious by 2 August 2010. Memo to myself – schedule a post for that date to check back on these predictions.

9. The trend in governments crushed by hyperinflation will lead to dictatorships on three continents. These dictatorships will be a final sign of the death of the dollar (and other paper debt based currencies], though the aware observer will certainly note the earlier signs to be found in Summer.

Dictatorship is a very specific form of government. Dictatorship resulting from hyperinflation is even more specific. This should be easy to verify. However, the real story would be the dollar hyperinflation – people wouldn’t care so much about dictatorship if the dollar was still the reserve currency.

10. The ambitious manipulations of the Israelis will result in massive protests against the Israeli propagandists in the TV business. The result of these will be White House suicides and terminations.

White House terminations and suicides should be easy to confirm. I have trouble imagining “massive protests” against the TV business in the USA, but the prediction might apply to “massive protests” anywhere on earth.

11. “Further there were some additional details in previous reports describing rain systems that would deliver years of rains in only hours or days. 

“Other extreme weather caused problems are indicated for both Central Europe as well as Central and South America. Again, in both cases, flooding will play a crucial role in the inducing of crop failure…

“This deluge in Europe will be so totally out of place and out of time as to be mentally affecting the regional populace, many of whom will be looking to the darkness at noon wondering what has caused this night-during-day event.

This should be easy to verify. It will be false if there is no freak rain big enough to deliver a year’s worth of rain in a matter of days – by the end of 2011.

12. …it now appears that this central bank assault incident will be the source of the song of revolution that had been previously forecast for Fall/Winter of 2010. 

The execution of the head bankster(s) will be visible within the planetary press including the propagandists here in the USofA, and is also indicated to spark a series of bombings, and immolation (from above) across the globe as disenfranchised and bankrupt victims of the cabal of banksters act out their own plots and revenge scenarios. 

The data sets are indicating that a particularly nasty bit of revenge tactic will become known as a bankster’s circumcision. The details are horrific, but suffice it to say that garden implements are involved, and that the actual target will be for castration such that banksters may not breed. There are data elements within these sets pointing to a three way battle as the banksters are set against their traditional allies, the organized crime families.

“Execution visible in the press” might mean any kind of killing – e.g. by bomb – it wouldn’t have to be an electric chair.

Okay – the first signs should be visible by 2 August 2010 – this post should be updated then.

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