Black Hoosier Cop Convicted of Sexual Misconduct

The headline describes him as a “former cop” but it seems that he was still a police officer when he committed the offense.

INDIANAPOLIS — A former Indianapolis police officer accused of sexually assaulting a woman while on duty was sentenced to time in community corrections and probation on Friday.

Courtney Harris, 34, was originally charged with five felony counts in February after police said he followed a 26-year-old woman near 10th and Rural streets, grabbed her and took her to an area near an abandoned warehouse, where he had sex with her.

According to court documents, Harris gave the woman $12

and told her that’s all the encounter was worth.

and told her that’s all the encounter was worth.

Harris, who resigned from the department in June, pleaded guilty to official misconduct and was sentenced on Friday to one and a half years in community corrections and one and a half years on probation.

When the judge asked Harris why he did it, he responded, “I ask myself that everyday. I just used bad judgment.”

“He violated the public’s trust by being on duty and having intercourse with this woman. He was not doing the things he needed to do to protect the community,” said Deputy Prosecutor Cindy Oetjen.

Harris, who was a six-year veteran of the department, must perform 250 hours of community service. He was also ordered not to hold any employment related to security or law enforcement.

This is a sad contrast to the recent Hoosier story at:

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