People who exchange sex for hair weaves

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So why is society so much more sex-oriented than it used to be? I cannot say. I don’t know. Maybe I was just raised too old-fashioned or sheltered and never noticed it as I grew up. I’m not terribly concerned, just… Confused and a little saddened. Sex is blocking life from these people, it seems… And that’s not exactly a good thing.
Oh, and I love the ones who try to ‘get into my pants’. They act like they have the right to, or that I should be more open about it. As if sex with someone is a RIGHT, not a privilege.

‘maybe you do have to prove yourself to be a capable person, to be successful and ‘right’. That it isn’t going to be easy all the time. That to ‘get into my pants’, you need to show who you are as a person… If you want in, prove yourself to me ((Not necessarily me personally, but you should get my point)). ‘

You have the option of hanging out with extremely religious people who reserve sex for marriage. That should cut down the number of people who try to get sex from you without trying to prove themselves.

Modern society is extremely materialistic. Furthermore, most countries are very well-fed, and well-fed people think about sex, whereas hungry people think about food but think much less about sex.

For most of history, people were more or less hungry. They did not know if there would be a good harvest. Rays in the granary could cause a whole town to starve. People prayed more because they weren’t sure they would survive.

Now people can’t imagine what life would be like without supermarkets. They assume that sex is plentiful, just like food is plentiful.

Here is a failblog post that perfectly summarizes how cheap sex has become:

A thirteen-year-old girl reports that she exchanged sex for a hair weave.

This is what happens when well-fed people live by materialistic values.

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