From Israel’s priorities to CNN’s personnel roster

Free Speech Media, as long as you are Pro-Jew
Ugly incident of Jewish media bullying surfaced today. Most of this kind of thing goes on behind the scenes, controlling who is hired in the first place, as well as firing and pigeonholing people before they rise to any position of note. But occasionally the ugly underbelly of Jewish supremacism in the establishment media is exposed to the light of day.

The occasion: an off duty reporter dared tweet an expression of sadness ove the death of an Islamic spiritual leader. Didn’t matter that the tweet was on a personal account, unrelated to professional duties. The reporter was no lightweight either (see her bio below ***).

Spookily enough, some pro-Israel narc was monitoring the reporter’s tweet channel, and a couple phone calls later, the reporter was fired.

Almost unbelievable. Surrealistic. And in the end, true.

The Jewish media mafia rules supreme, don’t mess with the Jews. Got it, message received, clear and loud.


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