A Refined Objection from Matt Parrott

I object to historians inappropriately injecting their topics into contemporary political discourse. Dragging whatever happened on the Eastern Front into this entirely different time and place is indefensible from the position that I’m coming from as a public advocate.

I can see three reasons why one would be inclined to do this…

1. Cluelessness
Some people just like to talk about what interests them, and don’t much care about context. You see this with some of the obsessives in here, who suffer from a personal fixation that causes them to think Nordicism is always relevant.

2. Radicalism
Some people reject the very idea of persuading our target audience altogether. They think that being offensive or extreme will serve to polarize discourse. They perceive themselves as elites and intend to gain power over their minions through control, not through influence. People like myself are faileocons who threaten to thwart their homoerotic Ragnarok fantasies.

3. Rationalization
This is what I believe you, Jost Turner, [and] Jack Ryan [1] are guilty of. You’ve convinced yourselves that “There’s no way out but through the concentration camp”, that the mythology constructed around the Holocaust must be entirely debunked in order to win.

The Jews didn’t have to prove that they didn’t kill Jesus to move past the blood libel. If Jews had obsessively focused on Crucifix Revisionism, they would have gotten nowhere, and would have creeped people out while getting nowhere. They focused on gaining power and influence and then used that power and influence to invert the integrally anti-Semitic nature of Christianity into Judeo-Christianity AFTER their oligarchy gained sufficient influence over our chokepoint institutions.

But most importantly, even if it were proven that the Holocaust was personally supervised by Hitler, that everybody in Germany knew it was happening, and that it was actually performed in an American Idol-style call-to-kill style format that allowed every last German to be directly culpable for it….we would still have a natural and God-given right to exist and defend our traditional way of life for our progeny and our progeny alone. So would modern Germany.

Any alternative conclusion is blood libel and should be blown off as such.

1. Robert Campbell informed me that my characterization of his stance on this issue is incorrect. I regret the misrepresentation.

The disconnect is that I have simply sacrificed political activism to intellectual and cultural struggle. I am not trying to “win” political representation in the USA – I assume that the USA will crack up long before anyone can reform it. This assumption probably seems defeatist to many White American activists.

My struggle is that of Thomas Jefferson:

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

In the face of intellectual tyranny, I cannot imagine how to be polite. I have no prospect of being elected to any office; I have no children to carry on my genetic contribution to posterity. I am not fighting for the white people in my life, nor for the white people I have never known – I am fighting for abstract principles.

Thus my struggle may indeed lack personal loyalty, humane qualities, charm, courtesy, political sense, and telegenic appeal.

I apologize for getting my abstract, inhuman truth-seeking mixed up in Occidental Dissent’s humane, humanistic politics.

Matt Parrott’s original post included the lines:

The days that this movement will be able to carry both anti-American cryptkeepers and White American advocates are numbered. I hate being divisive, but the two factions only superficially appear to share the same goals…

I suppose I need to define my goals in more concrete terms. As far as I am concerned, Jeffersonianism can never be anti-American. My goal, taken directly from Jefferson’s oath, is to defeat tyranny that usurps the human right of inquiry.

I would be delighted if Matt Parrott were elected Governor of Oregon and Kevin MacDonald were elected President of the United States of America. However, I am not working to promote those men as candidates, or to see similar men win the corresponding elections. I am concerned with the freedom to print heretical books. Am I free to print a shocking book in Malaysia, but not in Germany? Then Jefferson’s struggle is winning in Malaysia, but not in Germany.

My goal is to make the truth available to all investigators. I will try to do so politely, so as not to interfere with Matt Parrott’s candidacy for Governor or President or what-have-you – but I march behind the standard of Thomas Jefferson, not the banner of Matt Parrott.

2 Responses to A Refined Objection from Matt Parrott

  1. Matt Parrott says:

    As a Jeffersonian, you might be interested in a project I completed last year, a translation of Jefferson’s Bible into a more contemporary and readable format…


    I try to be an honest and moral person, and I do seek the truth. But I also recognize a responsibility as a father, uncle, husband, and countryman to protect and serve. Both in biologically reductionist and in Christian terms, this is a principle role of mine as a grown man, a patriarch. This is the heart of my work. This is not an intellectual pursuit for me. This is war by the means appropriate in the contemporary context. Don’t assume that I’m for working within the system on principle. I’m for working within the system at this point for tactical reasons.

    I would only accept the governorship of Indiana, an office I will acquire in due time.

  2. That’s definitely a good resource for my sidebar link list. Thanks!

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