Alt Right mentions Nullification

Where did things go wrong? How can we resist the leviathan? Tom Woods attempts to tell us in Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.

Some opponents of the federal government may say that although Woods makes a cogent argument, the Constitution has failed. Lysander Spooner argued that either the Constitution allows the current government or failed to prevent it from coming into being. Whichever it is, the document is “unfit to exist.” But while we may sit here over two centuries and a few decades after the Constitution was adopted and say it failed, the United States did manage to maintain local rule and economic freedom at an unprecedented level from at least 1787 to 1860 (yes, yes, excluding slavery), and then again after Reconstruction to the time of Woodrow Wilson. By world historical standards, that’s a pretty good record.

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