The rise (and fall) of the Jew, as prophesied by Walt Disney

The rise (and fall) of the Jew, as prophecied by Walt Disney.

‘Then they’ll open it up to commercial sites and advertising, the msm news and magazine sites and blogs that support zionism and the new world order. Any alternative truth telling or pro-white sites will be criminalized or simply not allowed.’

I suspect that there will be ways around that. That is not to say they will be easy ways.

‘It won’t be so easy to control the Internet half way. Also, we can go back to dial up. The militia has its own Internet that it still maintains.’

A private network is sometimes called a “darknet.” Usage of the term varies.

‘Many of us will take a ZOG regime internet shut-down as equivalent to a precious metals or gun-grab: Civil War II will likley begin then and there.’

I could imagine 90% of the populace rioting when they fail to get their free porn. Maybe a Civil War wouldn’t be necessary because the yuppies would be torching the police stations.

‘Upsetting the Internet apple cart can make the parasites go hungry’

Yes. It would also weaken the USA government’s diplomatic standing.

‘Shutting down the ‘net would be a massive gamble.
Letting people state their opinion is a huge ’steam relief valve’.’

I can just imagine, fifty years from now: “Well, now, children, let me tell you about how we overturned a police car during the great Porn Drought of 2010…”

‘An internet shutdown would hurt “Them” way worse than it would hurt “Us.”’

Yes. The discontented masses don’t watch much TV. Videogames get old. People without endless web access would be highly motivated to go outside and get into trouble.

’20 years ago there was no internet as we know it, no “steam valve” and the country (and world) was no less stable than it is now.’

I don’t think people will miss the online forums much. Lots of people blog, but they won’t riot if they are deprived of their blogs.

The thing is that the Internet is an endless distraction. Governments need to keep their people distracted. If people couldn’t download three-minute-long movies of cats getting stuck in screen-doors, they would be motivated to go outside and film something with their cell phone cameras. The government doesn’t want citizens going outside and interacting with reality. The government wants people who are enslaved to their distractions. No government can’t give us feelies and soma, but most governments can dispense Internet more easily than Prozac.

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