Wanted: A Scientific Analysis of the Effects of Miscegenation

Many advocates of white ethnic interests seem to take it as self-evident that miscegenation is collective suicide.

Recently I wrote:
For the moment, I can only ask: “Miscegenation: is it good for whites?” and hope that a real sociobiologist can answer that question.

A commenter replied:
‘Miscegenation is a paraphilia, it is a sign of mental derangement.’

If that claim can be shown with the scholarly rigor typically demonstrated by Kevin MacDonald’s sociobiology books, I would be happy to publicize that.

Kevin MacDonald has written about a specific form of miscegenation, the one-way flow of genes as a group evolutionary strategy. It may be that the one-way flow of genes is indicative of mental derangement, but I think such a claim needs to be shown scientifically.

Miscegenation, on a group level, may indeed be suicidal. However, a serious book on the order of A People That Shall Dwell Alone might be needed in order to prove that miscegenation is suicide for an ethnic group.

A review of the cited book is available at:


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