A working hypothesis concerning gene theft

I was reminded of Kevin MacDonald’s writings on the “one way flow of genes” between of groups when I read:

I have a working-hypothesis, which is: for the past few centuries, ethnic Jews settled in Europe, the USA, and other White nations have been attempting to steal the genes of many social, political, religious, and/or economic elites of White/European descent by enticing them to intermarry with ethnic Jews and bring them in to the ‘Jewish fold’ by using various Jewish incentives, mostly ill-begotten money and the consequent rise in socioeconomic status.

For a long time in Europe, especially in Eastern/Slavic Europe, Ashkenazi Jews were what might be called ‘royal helpers’ who assisted the native royals in wielding power over the native peasant-classes — those Jewish assistants were tax collectors, bureaucrats, shopkeepers, scribes, and so on for the Eastern European/Slavic royalty. Now, they did this for many centuries; thus it is obvious that a certain amount of genetic flow occurred between those European royals and their Jewish helpers.

In more recent times, elite Whites in Europe, the USA, Australia, and so on have seen the rise of ethnically Jewish businesspeople, Jewish media-influence, and so on coupled with a consequent fall in their own status even within their own nations; thus, once Jews had managed to infiltrate and slowly seized control of a nation’s power-centers, they then sought to intermarry with the former native elite in order to gain their prized elite genes. This also has the added bonus of gaining the physical appearance of the natives in order to allay growing suspicions about Jewish power/influence.

In the Czarist regime, there was certainly a lot of this mixing between Slavic elites and their Jewish assistants occurring, and also in the USSR when the Jews rose high in the Soviet system and began to intermarry with some of the previous Czarist Era ruling class of ‘Old Believers.’ This mixing between Jews and the native non-Jewish aristocratic/royal class has also occurred majorly in the UK…


I think I’ll need to add that blog to my link list…

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