A history lesson from Compassionate Fascist

At www.occidentaldissent.com, Compassionate Fascist wrote:

Evidence from the German side of the situation relates to the late 1920s rent payments on the Brown House (NSDAP HQ) by Berlin Jew Banksters; early 1930s rich Jew cash infusions; and broader financing by the Bank of England (i.e., Rothschild) during the mid-1930’s. The Brown House issue was particularly notorious among the Nazi left (so-called “beefsteak” Nazis, “Brown outside but Red inside”, Ernst Roehm and the SA, the Strasser bros., etc., who wanted a second, anti-capitalist revolution once the communists had been beaten down) and was a factor in the eventual break between Hitler and his movement’s left wing. Almost any book by a survivor of the Night of Long Knives deals with this sort of thing; for instance Kurt Ludecke, an early personal crony of AH, says in I KNEW HITLER that the Brown House “resembled the abode of a Jewish banker…”. Best evidence on the early 30’s Jew-financing of out of Hitler’s own mouth: see Edouard Calic, SECRET CONVERSATIONS WITH HITLER. Calic was a hardright German journalist who Hitler considered sympathetic to his designs and, in several 1931 not-for-publication interviews, let his hair down on a number of issues; when Calic objected to the rich Jew $$$$, Hitler responded in effect: “for the time being, we have parallel goals: (rich Zionists) want the Jews out of Europe…and so do I.” Later during the 1930s, Hitler realized he had told Calic too much, and had him killed, but not before C. had preserved and dispersed several copies of the interviews. All this, of course, ties in with broader Nazi-Zionist connections during the 1930s, and here there are many excellent documentations: L. Brenner, ZIONISM IN THE AGE OF THE DICTATORSHIPS, F. Nicosea, THIRD REICH AND THE PALESTINE QUESTION, etc. On connections between the Bank of England and the Reich, a good starting pointing is Guido Preparata, CONJURING HITLER: HOW BRITAIN AND AMERICA MADE THE THIRD REICH.

Update: I believe the exact URL was


2 Responses to A history lesson from Compassionate Fascist

  1. Brandon says:

    Can you tell me what article he was commenting on when he posted that?

  2. I believe the exact URL was


    but at the moment, the OD website seems to be experiencing a bit of an Internet traffic jam.

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