Is Holger Apfel really a former Neo-Nazi?

German legislator: Stop ‘thriving Holocaust industry’

Extreme right leader carries hate speech against Israel; calls to cut ties, issue economic sanctions
Dor Glick
06.18.10, 08:41 / Israel News

BERLIN – “Stop cooperation with the state of Jewish scoundrels”, “Don’t give in to the thriving Holocaust industry.” These statements were not said in the Tehran parliament, but in the German city of Dresden, during a parliament meeting in the state of Saxony.

Leader of the extreme right National Democratic Party (NPD) Holger Apfel stirred up a storm in the parliament on Thursday when he carried a speech titled “no to cooperation with scoundrel countries – and end cooperation between Saxony and Israel.”

Most parliament members urged Apfel to change the title, fearing it would damage Saxony’s image – but to no avail. Apfel, a former neo-Nazi, stepped up to the podium and carried out his hate speech, while being booed by other parliament members.

Even after his time was up, Apfel refused to step down from the stage and continued to denounce the “Jewish terror state.” His speech was finally stopped after the chairman turned off his microphone and instructed ushers to escort Apfel out of the hall.

President of the Saxony Parliament Matthias Roessler instructed to keep Apfel out of parliament hearings until December.

This is not the first time Apfel has expressed his harsh feeling toward Israel, and the need to cut ties with it. On NPS’ official website, the former neo-Nazi published his reaction to the recent flotilla incident, saying: “Today’s attack, with at least 10 fatalities, demonstrates a new ‘characteristic’ of ‘state terror’ employed by Israel.

Is there any proof that Holger Apfel is a former Neo-Nazi, or is that just what the Israeli press wants everyone to believe?

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