Craig Read is definitely a Zionist, but he claims to reject Cultural Marxism

I suppose I need to be more explicit about distinguishing between the various gradations of political thought to which I link.

Craig Read, for example, appears to be an ignorant propagandist, but perhaps he’s knowledgeable and deceitful.

The moral philosophy underpinning Capitalism cannot be divorced from its Judeo-Christian heritage. Christianity began as a movement within Judaism at a time when the Jews had long been under foreign rule and had found in their religion the cornerstone of the social and cultural community.

What then were the transformative impacts of these two creeds on Western Capitalist development? Judaism emphasized work as a virtue, and even necessity, and private property as a precondition of individual liberty. Judaism did not share either the aristocratic disdain for work found in classical Greece or the occasional tendency to other-worldliness found in early Christianity. It saw this-worldly prosperity as a sign of God’s blessing, and work as man’s “partnership with God in the work of creation.” In such a partnership private ownership and wealth accretion was deemed virtuous and this important revolutionary idea over time would limit and then destroy arbitrary power.

Judaism’s strong provisions for tzedakah (a word meaning both charity and righteousness) are designed not only to alleviate poverty but also, and primarily, to restore independence. Hence, in Jewish law, the highest form of charity is to find someone a job so that he or she no longer needs to depend on charity.

If Read is being honest in the above passage, he is absolutely ignorant of Talmudic disdain for labor, and he needs to read Israel Shahak!

Read is also rather irate about the Freedom Flotilla.

The Gaza-Flotilla never was a transshipment of aid and love. It was, much like the social clubs of the Nazis and Communists, a vehicle used to undermine a legitimate state; an attempt to weaken the Egyptian-Israeli blockade; and a method to connive international support. It was staffed by Jihadists. It was funded by Jihadists and Hamas. It’s mandate was to confront Israel and then use the useful [or useless idiots] in the Western media to vilify the Jewish state.
So the Arabs are to blame not only for this flotilla-‘massacre’, but also for the dismal state of affairs within Gaza. It was the Arabs after all which created the refugee problem through their incessant warring with Israel; and it has been the UN which has propagated poverty, terror and Fascism, now firmly evidenced in Hamas rule in Gaza and the West Bank. UN and international aid with the exceptions of the Soviet Union during the 1940s; France in the 50s and 60s and the US from the 1970s to recently; has been uni-directional to the Arabs, eschewing the Jews. It is as if only the Arabs have ‘rights’ and ‘demands’ and the Jews are to be ignored, vilified and isolated. In such a milieu why is anyone surprised by the fact that the Israeli navy has to, and must, protect its borders ?
“In 1948 by contrast the UN did nothing to help the displaced Jew. There were no tears, camps or money for the ejected Jew. The Arab total of 300.000 so-called refugees was far less than the 900.000 Jews who were kicked out of various Middle Eastern countries post 1947 once Israel was officially created. This is something that the Arab lovers and UN supporters always ignore. 900.000 Jews had their money stolen, their property taken and were usually given only a few days to leave areas where they and their ancestors may have resided for hundreds if not thousands of years. Yet they received no UN money, no UN refugee protection and no UN protocols protecting their civil and legal rights. Only the Arabs received such succor. But of course the Useless Nations as we are constantly told, is all for the brotherhood of man, and the one-world nirvana of grinning cultural Marxists.”
Jew-hate is racism. As simple as that.

Modern politics are convoluted. Craig Read takes great pains to promote Jewish Ethnic Genetic Interests, and yet he rejects, or claims to reject, Cultural Marxism – which predominantly serves to promote Jewish Ethnic Genetic Interests.

Judaism is polycentric. The many fine gradations of opinion among different centers of Jewish Ethnic Genetic Interests are often invoked to claim that there is no cooperation on behalf of Jewish Ethnic Genetic Interests. Subsequent posts will address those claims at length.

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