Go on, Senator Lieberman, rouse the world against the USA

Senator Lieberman’s short-term idiocy endangers the USA’s technological position.

Lieberman wants to put a kill-switch on the American portions of the Internet.




If he gets the bill passed, and if the technology is actually used, the other nations of the world will be convinced that they cannot trust the USA. They will have to increase the infrastructure elsewhere. This would weaken the USA, because if there is enough infrastructure in other countries, the USA loses bargaining power.

Currently, if one wants to route a lot of traffic from Japan to the UK, one might try to push it through the USA. Suppose the USA were not seen as reliable. One might make arrangements with, e.g., the Russian Commonwealth of Independent States.

The USA government can, indeed, silence ISPs in the USA. If they do so, they will be guaranteeing that cash and personal connections accrue to ISPs in other countries.


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