[boy scouts] John Robb updates the cyber-gang paradigm



Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only John Robb brings online shock and awe into the 21st century:

Early work on this type of protest can be seen in the work of 4Chan’s Anonymous and China’s human flesh search engine. Both of these open source movements have shown to be surprisingly powerful at targeting single individuals (and poor at disrupting organizations). By using thousands of contributers, they are able to gather intelligence information on an individual (and their family). In short, learn everything about the target down to bank account numbers. This then enables the movement to target the individual and their family with:

    • Stalking and harassment. In the street, at a restaurant, or at school.
      Identity theft. From financial to professional. Publication of private information.
      Denial of communication. Flood phones, e-mail accounts, voice-mail, etc
  • .

In short, any online group of sufficient size could launch an effort like this. However, to really zoom the effort and turn it into a coercive tool, one modification should be made. It should operate as an online game.


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