What are the values of slashingtongue.com?

I’ve been reading slashingtongue.com and I can’t figure out where the author stands on the political spectrum. He says things like the following:

In political commentary, there are many people who could be considered bigots, rude, obnoxious, terrible. These can be from the left like Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher and Rachael Maddow, from the right like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck or Bill O Reilly or even independents like Governor Ventura, Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader or the people here at ST.

But nobody disses CNN’s Larry King. Anybody would tell you that he is a very soft-ball host. He has been doing this for so many years and I never heard of anybody being pissed off with Larry King. Even people like Bill O Reilly and Rush Limbaugh do not mind him. I am shocked at the manner that she treated Larry King. It is disgraceful.

She began by saying how she is “Palinized” by the far-left media like Keith Olbermann. Okay, that is a fair point. He is really a jacka**. But is there really a double standard as she suggests? Would right-wingers be forced out of the air because of mean words?

So he expects a certain decorum… he’s not left, he’s not right – is he a conservative, insofar as he dislikes military adventurism and backs a war tax? Is he a centrist? His time in the military seems to have shaped his views considerably:


There is also the thing about the price of the war. The President has always promised that he would do everything in a deficit neutral manner. So how is he goi9ng to pay for the at least $30 billion that this war would cost? Is he going to go down the path of President Bush and leave the next generation with a $1 trillion dollar war burden? I hope he takes Governor Jesse Ventura idea seriously about a war tax.

I would also want to see do NATO her fair share of work. It is not only the United States that has suffered attacks that were being carried out by Al Qaeda which is supported by the Taliban in Afghanistan. I want to see that they contribute their very small share of 5000 men. I also hope that they go in with the desire to fight and not just be peace keepers, like they have done so many times.

Is fighting going to get the best results? Possibly nation-building is not a realistic alternative, but I would rather see Westerners coming to Afghanistan with fruit baskets and water purifiers. If you’re going to spend a trillion dollars on a colonial adventure, at least five hundred billion of that should be carrots, to balance out the five hundred billion dollars’ worth of sticks.

I don’t know how to categorize him, so I’m going to label him “conservative” and he can let me know if he has a better category name.

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