When in the course of world events, you read Henk Luf…


While most Governments around the world were outraged about Israel’s behaviour in relation to the pirating of Gaza relief vessels in international waters and contrary to international law, the US administration issued a half-hearted and piss-weak statement urging restraint. It apparently did not matter that Israeli troops began firing live rounds onto the deck of some of the vessels well before they even boarded the vessels, subsequently killing nine people and injuring others. Pirating is illegal and so is attacking vessels in international waters.
Keeping innocent civilians in concentration camps is also illegal and Gaza, by all accounts, is a concentration camp where well over a million people are held, keeping in mind that Gaza is not Israeli territory and that the living standards of those held in Gaza have now plummeted to starvation levels while Israel meanwhile keeps a tight grip on what goes into Gaza. Yet since 2007, the US administration has said next to nothing about these conditions and done even less in terms of Israel breaching international human rights laws.
In relation to the recent copied and thus false passport incident whereby a Hamas leader was assassinated in Dubai, of all places, the US did nothing and said very little. Never mind, there were no US passport involved so why bother with the issue of Mossad breaching international law.
In relation to Israel possessing 218 nuclear warheads as well as the capability to deliver, the US administration has been silent for years but when it comes to North Korea and Iran possessing these weapons, the US has complained loud and hard. Double standards and hypocrisy once again. As an aside it should be noted that most of the delivery systems were US-supplied.
Israel has occupied large slices of Palestinian lands since 1967 and has breached just about every single human rights law and convention known to man yet, the US has been sitting on its ass and has done nothing. In the meantime Israel continues to steal territory and property off the Palestinians.
During the Gaza war, Israel dropped illegal weapons, American weapons they were, and once again the US did nothing.
Just about every single UN resolution in relation to Israel’s conduct, and there are numerous of those, has thus far been vetoed by the US.
So what’s the problem with the US in relation to to Israel? Simple. The US contains a large Jewish community and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is though that, over the years, successive administrations have become beholden to elements within that community in terms of campaign funding and voting power. In other words, in relation to Israeli issues, the US has lost its independence to the so-called Jewish Lobby. And while there is nothing wrong with there being a Jewish Lobby, it becomes a problem when such a group has more power and influence than what the Government has in terms of determining US foreign policies.

I think there’s a lot of need for the USA to examine the corruption in its governmental conduct.

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