Anti-white hate crime

Via Elusive Wapiti:

who commented:

most middle- and upper-class whites live in a dream world, where they believe pretty lies like diversity is a good thing, that holding racist / racialist beliefs is universally socially unacceptable, and that other races similarly subscribe to such a belief system. Incidents such as this greatly challenge this dream. As a result, more and more whites, particularly white men in the beta and lower castes, are increasingly questioning this narrative…. One result of this awakening, I suspect, will be a resurgent White consciousness, an awareness that builds covertly and will grow in strength in proportion to the inevitable conclusion that, in the absence of an overriding unifying force, diversity + proximity == war. … Eventually, I expect that white men will claim their seat at the class warfare table…

Second, continuing on the subject of Marxist class warfare, persistent racial blame-mongering on the part of NAM race warlords has demonstrably adverse effects on social cohesion, one of which is that a huge proportion of the population think the sort of barbarity excerpted above justified against whites.

I hear that Eumaios is breaking the story:


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