Is White Nationalism or multi-racial Jeffersonianism better for the Whites?

One presumes that the typical reader will admire Thomas Jefferson. (If a reader does not admire Thomas Jefferson, I would ask what political power protects them. The governments of North Korea and Burma, perhaps, feel no need to bow before Jefferson, but most other countries do.)

However, once the intellectually honest reader has admitted that (A) Thomas Jefferson was admirable and (B) Thomas Jefferson was indeed a white separatist, there might be several possible reactions, including:

1) DISAGREEMENT – “Very well, Jefferson thought that, but that’s because he wasn’t perfect. Admirability and white separatism detract from each other; Jefferson would have been MORE admirable if he had not been a white separatist.”

2) INDIFFERENCE – “Jefferson’s racial separatism was irrelevant to his admirable qualities; it neither impeded them nor enhanced them; racial separatism is not particularly interesting.”

3) AGREEMENT – “Jefferson’s racial separatism illustrates his wisdom and insight into human character.”

Now of course, the White Nationalists would probably be most eager to see admirers of Jefferson agree with white separatism, since such a doctrine would set them far, far outside the bounds of acceptable discourse. Once one has admitted that white separatism might be ethical, one has gored the sacred cow of egalitarianism. (No, the “sacred cow of egalitarianism” is NOT Oprah Winfrey. Stop insulting cows with such comparisons. What would Gandhi say?)

Many white Jeffersonians, however, will probably sit on the fence and affect a disinterested pose. This would be edgy enough to establish them as shocking radicals, but not extreme enough to make the $PLC send jack-booted thugs.

However, many Jeffersonians on Planet Earth are not white, and thus do not fear being labeled as racists! The Jeffersonians of Malaysia, and of Madagascar might insist on constructing a Jeffersonianism that does not permit blacks and whites to mix, but encourages mixing of (e.g.) Han and Austronesian races. The Jeffersonians of Japan (if there are any) would probably insist on a racially pure Japan!

For myself, I do not want to limit my audience to whites. Thoughts are free. If a non-white reader happens across these pages, I will encourage that reader to take up the banner of Jeffersonian politics, regardless of race.

However, the majority of Jeffersonian readers will be white Westerners – and they must ask themselves: do they want racially separate Jeffersonianism, or do they want racially mixed Jeffersonianism?

Does Jefferson’s conviction that the white and black races could not be governed together also imply that the mixed offspring of black and white parents could not be incorporated into either society? Future posts will explore this.

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