I suppose Duncan Kinder might be upset

Welcome to a blog by a reader of huguenotcorsair.com.

I have long taken an interest in the online musings of Duncan Kinder and similar professionals, such as John Robb, Pat Lang, and Zenpundit. I call these men “boy scouts” to indicate that while they follow the motto “Be Prepared,” they also seem to have a traditional faith in the United States of America that hearkens back to a much simpler time.

No doubt many of them will be mortified when they are linked from this politically incorrect blog.

In particular, Duncan Kinder has a bit of wisdom at:


The organizations that have the discipline and cohesion to do dirty jobs – such as collecting garbage from complicated urban societies – have considerable power in those modern urban societies.

This will become very relevant if favelas spread as much as the futurists have predicted.

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